Office Olympics

24 Jul 2007

Catalogue Launch for #259 – The Winter Games

Get the stores involved ahead of time.

Standardized rules so stores and H.O. are set up the same (course lengths are the same, etc.).

Chair Rowing 24 Jun 2005

Contestants must push with both feet on the ground at once. Shuffle stepping will cause a 5 second penalty. Butt must not leave seat of chair.

Rubber Band Archery 24 Jun 2005

Pointed bins.

Alternate: Make targets up and use pens/markers. A mark must be left on the paper target for the points to count.

Creeper Bobsled 24 Jun 2005

Race to the finish line on creepers.

Need to figure out how to award points?

Origami Regatta 24 Jun 2005

Team must fold a boat out of standard office paper and then blow it across a tub of water.

Floppy Discus 24 Jun 2005

Contestants must spin around 360° in post it note circle (more than once?) and then try to toss 5 discs into boxes. The farther the box, the more points awarded.

Staple Chase 24 Jun 2005

10 Staplers are hidden around an office area (merchandising?). Points are awarded for the best time or possibly for how many are found in a set amount of time?

Shot Put 24 Jun 2005

Take ball out of mouse. 1 point for every time the mouse ball is tossed into the air and is caught in the mouse hole successfully.

Swivel Chair Curling 24 Jun 2005

“Boss” must push team mate down the “curling rink” while fellow team mates sweep paperclips washers out of the way with magnetic sweeper. Points awarded for best distance (a la shuffleboard).

Hard hats should be worn (knee/elbow pads as well?)

Hammer Throw 24 Jun 2005

Wet Tea Bag or Roll of tape: Sit in chair with back to recycling and spin bag around and try to land in bin.

Cello tape: grip tape in fingers and see who can make the longest tape line by tossing roll.

Relay Obstacle Course 24 Jun 2005

Each member of the team must wait at the end of each obstacle until they are tagged. Points given for time ranges?

Chair Swamp
Tire/Lariat Run
Tire Stacking
Safetywear application (putting on overalls, steel toes, gloves, goggles, beanies, and hard hats.

Sticky Note Fencing 24 Jun 2005

First person to pin 5 sticky notes on their oponent wins. Different point values for different body parts? Notes are not allowed to be removed during the fight.

Store Events 22 Jun 2006

Rubber Band Archery
Creeper Bobsled
Chair Rowing


Chair Rowing
Rubber Band Archery
Creeper Bobsled
Floppy Discus
Origami Regatta
Jun 6 Hammer Throw
Jun 6 Office Chair Race
Jun 6 Relay Obstacle Course